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Recent updates - March 2019

In case you missed it, here are some recent software updates for our products.

Marker Import for Mac 2.1.11 - Feb 13 2019

  • Added an option to prevent whitespace being stripped from markers
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Encoder 1.3.1 - Feb 11 2019

Compatibility notes:
  • libav support has been removed. If you don't have ffmpeg installed please follow the steps in the installation guide to install it.
  • ImageMagick is now an optional but recommended dependency. Follow the installation guide to install it.


  • Support for sending real-time progress to Kollaborate Server 2.7.2
  • Mono audio tracks are correctly panned to stereo
  • Up to 5 logs are now kept and the encoder is better at keeping them below 5 MB
  • Fixed an issue where the queue may not process files in the correct order
  • Automatically cleans up files in the event of low disk space
  • Various tweaks to queue management
  • Various tweaks to logging and error handling

Kollaborate Server 2.7.2 - Feb 11 2019

Compatibility notes:
  • Kollaborate Server now requires PHP 7.2 or higher
  • libav support has been removed - to switch to ffmpeg see the installation guide
  • We have significantly modified the default page style so you may need to tweak any custom styles you have created

Server-specific features

  • Added a tool to the Tools page in the admin area to regenerate the scheduled tasks (useful if you upgrade MAMP and your PHP path changes)
  • The Installer now automatically checks if your Apache AllowOverride setting is correct
  • A message is now shown at the top of the site when a new version has been installed but the database hasn't been upgraded
  • More button style options on the Customize Colors page

Full changelog:

  • Alerts - Project titles are now mentioned in alert emails where appropriate
  • Alerts - Fixed an issue where digests would show alerts for folders moved to a user's department
  • API - Fixed an issue where workflows added during upload wouldn't execute
  • Comments - Updates dates dynamically and you can now toggle between relative / absolute
  • Comments - Show error if the user has been logged out
  • Comments - Markers are now aligned correctly to the playhead
  • Comments - Fixed an issue where the marker bar wouldn't update when removing a comment
  • Files - Inline renaming
  • Files - Sorting no longer reloads the entire page
  • Files - Creating folders and aliases no longer requires a page reload
  • Files - Departments now show size and last date and can be sorted by this information
  • Files - Added F shortcut key for favoriting files
  • Files - Searches are now continued when entering a new folder
  • Files - Support for recognizing Ogg audio/video files, MP4 ringtones and WebP images
  • Files - Added the ability to disable thumbnails on specific files from the Edit Metadata page or via an Upload Workflow
  • Files - Added Combine Versions right-click option
  • Files - Dates now update dynamically and you can toggle between relative / absolute
  • Files - Fixed an issue where revisions may be numbered incorrectly
  • Files - Fixed an issue where moving a file to another project does not recalculate storage space
  • Files - Restoring a deleted file now recalculates disk space correctly
  • Files - Fixed an issue where thumbs could be low quality on iPhone
  • Files - Fixed an issue where in certain situations the files view may be empty if files had previously been deleted
  • Files - Fixed an issue where Advanced Search may return no results for non-admins
  • Files - Fixed an issue where folder size may include the size of deleted files
  • Files - Fixed an issue where moving a file to a different project would switch projects even if "Navigate to destination folder" was switched off
  • Files - Fixed an issue where deleted files may not be sorted correctly
  • Installer - Added the ability to manually download launchd plists on Mac even when installed correctly
  • Installer - Fixed an issue where the config file couldn't be parsed
  • Login - Increased the number of attempts required to trigger account lockout
  • Login - Warn user their account may be locked out if they have too many login attempts
  • Marker importing - Fixed an issue where Resolve EDLs may not import correctly
  • MFA - Support for copying a text string instead of scanning the QR code
  • Player - Real-time encoding progress (requires Kollaborate Encoder 1.3.1)
  • Player - Audio files now have a visible playhead over the waveform
  • Player - Prevented link users from entering empty usernames
  • Player - Fixed an issue where the left/right arrows in the player may try to navigate you to a file that has been deleted
  • Player - Fixed an issue where the wrong avatar could show for custom uploaders
  • Projects - Fixed an issue where projects couldn't be unarchived
  • Projects - Don't show deleted files or aliases when showing project file count
  • Quick Look - Improved the UI of folder previews - scroll to see files in the folder, click on a file to view it in the player
  • Share - Share link summary page now includes the password if specified
  • Share - Moved buttons to create new links to a New dropdown menu
  • Tasks - Tasks can now be imported from a CSV file
  • Tasks - Fixed an issue where task import page could be blank
  • Thumbs - Fixed an issue where manual time position may not be set correctly
  • UI - New shaded button style
  • UI - Changed avatar style and added new avatar colors
  • UI - File titles now dynamically shrink if the filename is long
  • UI - Login page now has centered content look
  • UI - Improved folder path naming on links
  • UI - File thumbs are now center-aligned on mobile
  • UI - Link pages now show your company logo more prominently
  • UI - Improved the display of alerts in the alert dropdown
  • UI - Increased spacing in thumbnail view
  • UI - Don't show hoverthumbs on mobile
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the player page footer would display on links
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the hoverscrub popup wouldn't display correctly
  • UI - Fixed an issue where deleted projects could appear in the Projects dropdown
  • UI - Fixed an issue where checkmarks in menus were not highlighted when hovering the mouse over them
  • UI - Fixed an issue where the triangle icon in the path bar could appear too big in some browsers
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where some users would receive emails asking them to review files they did not have permission to access
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where file expiration dates could be extended after editing a file workflow
  • Workflows - Fixed an issue where links shared from a workflow may not be emailed
  • Overhaul of browser sessions with a greater focus on security
  • Various minor fixes, tweaks and optimizations
Posted by Jon Chappell on Mar 7 2019 to DR News