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Recent updates - June 2018

We've been busy - here are some recent software updates for our products that you may have missed.

Pro Media Tools 1.7.1 - May 30 2018

  • Batch Renamer - Dragging a file from Finder onto a specific item in the list now inserts it before that item instead of at the end of the list (this makes the frame reordering function easier to use)
  • Batch Renamer - Filenames are now truncated in the middle so you can see the frame number if it exists
  • QT Edit - Many improvements to conforming
  • QT Edit - Fixed an issue where the audio sample rate wouldn't change when conforming certain QuickTime movies
  • Video Check - Sensitivity adjustments to prevent false positives when checking luma
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

CinePlay 1.5.2 - May 28 2018

  • Added an option to auto-pause when adding a marker
  • Improved the readability of plain-text comment output
  • Fixed an issue where image sequences could import as a single frame
  • Fixed an issue where editing a marker in the Markers pane could show black text against a black background
  • Fixed an issue where the file extension in the Trim dialog was automatically selected when it shouldn't have been
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Kollaborate Folder Watcher 1.3.2 - May 28 2018

  • Improved handling of files being rendered or downloaded slowly to the watch folder
  • Improved handling of a crashed / stalled helper process
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Marker Import for Mac 2.1.8 - May 25 2018

  • Improved handling of markers that occur on transitions in FCPX
  • Minor bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Pro Maintenance Tools 2.2.5 - May 15 2018

  • Housekeeper - Support for clearing the Avid App Manager cache
  • Replaced Growl with native Notification Center alerts
  • Corrupt Clip Finder - Ignore Large Images defaults to on in prefs
  • Corrupt Clip Finder - Fixed an issue where aborting a scan may not work correctly
  • Media Salvage - Fixed an issue where aborting a salvage may not work correctly
  • Plugin Manager - Fixed an issue where Motion transitions may not be displayed in the list
  • General bug fixes, tweaks and optimizations

Compressor Repair 2.3.4 - May 15 2018

  • Replaced Growl integration with native Notification Center alerts

Kollaborate 2.7 - May 9 2018

  • Upload Workflows - Setup actions to occur automatically when uploading a file
  • Embed LUTs, watermarks and overlays into proxies
  • Workflows are now called File Workflows to differentiate them from Upload Workflows
  • Send out a link from a File Workflow
  • Trigger workflows from tasks
  • Images like BMP and DPX are now converted to viewable formats so they can be viewed directly in the browser
  • Workflow import / restore
  • DaVinci Resolve marker import/export
  • Folder uploading
  • Link recipients can now edit / delete their comments for up to 1 hour after posting
  • View / upload limits for links
  • File history is now shown directly in the player
  • Batch create aliases
  • Batch favoriting from the Files page
  • Added an option to hide the play icon overlay when a video is paused in Playback Settings
  • Full-screen auto advance - if you are in full screen mode and Kollaborate is set to automatically advance to the next or previous file, full screen mode will be maintained when switching to the new file.
  • Removed the comment submit button - press Enter to submit comments
  • Tags are now duplicated when creating aliases
  • Link expiration dates can now be removed after being set
  • You can now opt out of being automatically subscribed to files you interact with (e.g. by commenting) from the Profile page
  • File Request recipients are no longer asked for their name to improve the user experience. If the link is not sent through the site, their uploads will be tagged with their IP address
  • You can now favorite, link and download files directly from the QuickLook dialog
  • Many UI improvements and tweaks
  • Lots of bug fixes
Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 7 2018 to DR News