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Pro Media Tools 1.6.1 - new Auto Transfer metadata types and support for DJI drones

Last week we released Pro Media Tools 1.6.1, a minor update to our suite of media management tools for video professionals.

New List metadata type in Auto Transfer

Our camera offloading tool Auto Transfer now has a new metadata type - List. This allows you to specify a series of items, separated by commas, and force the user to choose one of these without being able to enter custom values. I use this in my workflows to send video and audio to different folders.

Additionally in Auto Transfer, you can now choose in preferences whether to include the camera ID in auto-detected reels (e.g. A011) or just have it be a numeric value (e.g. 011).

We've also added support for detecting volumes from DJI drones.

Force UTC timezone in QT Edit

By default our QuickTime metadata editing tool QT Edit uses times in your local timezone. This is appropriate for most workflows, especially when adding timecode tracks from the creation time of the file, but some users have requested support for UTC timezone instead, irrespective of the local timezone. You can now force UTC in preferences.

Other changes


  • Auto Transfer - Fixed an issue where metadata columns in the Transfer view wouldn't reorder when reordered from the Metadata pane
  • Auto Transfer - Fixed an issue where files on transferred volumes may not retain their original modification dates
  • QT Edit - Limited the maximum number of metadata fields to 400 to prevent the app hanging if a movie has corrupt metadata
  • Fixed an issue that could cause a "trial has expired" message to appear
  • Various other bug fixes, tweaks and improvements

Pro Media Tools is an essential toolkit for media professionals. To find out more, view the feature list, read the user manual or download the free 15-day trial.


Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 28 2017 to DR News, Front Page News, Pro Media Tools