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Post Haste for Windows Beta 3 released

We've just released the third public beta of Post Haste for Windows. Post Haste is a free app for keeping project folders organized. It's targeted at video editors, musicians, photographers, designers and anyone who needs to organize project assets consistently and reliably.

This version features drag and drop reordering within the template editor, reorderable parameters in preferences, and folder icons in the filename preview field. There is also the option to set a template as the default, meaning it will be selected every time you launch the app.

You can also now drag Post Haste templates into the template list to automatically import them, which is an easy way of importing your templates from the Mac version. We've also improved stability and fixed several bugs.

Post Haste 1.0 B3 is a free download and requires Windows 7 and .NET Framework. You can either download it from the site or use the software updater built into Beta 2. We're expecting bugs in this beta so please use the links within the Help menu to report any issues you find in this build.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Mar 28 2012 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities