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Making relative Adobe asset paths work in Post Haste templates

If you're using Post Haste to create templates for your Adobe project files, you may have run into an issue where the project file still points to assets in their original location on disk, not relative to the template path.

Here's how to get relative paths working:

  1. Create a new folder to temporarily store the files.

  2. Recreate the relevant folders from your template. So if you store video in a Media folder and the project file in a Projects folder, create those folders inside the new directory.

  3. Copy (not move) the assets and project files into the folders you created, exactly the way they are setup in the template.

  4. Open up the project in your Adobe app and relink to the assets inside the temporary folder, then save the project and close it.
  5.  Move the project folder from the temporary directory back into your Post Haste template, overwriting the project file if it's already there.

  6. Delete the temporary folder.

Post Haste is a free app for Mac and PC that makes it easy to create new projects from templated folder structures. To find out more, check out the feature list, read the user manual or download the app for Mac or PC.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 26 2018 to Pro Media Tools, Tutorials