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Major Kollaborate update - Relationships, comment replies and more

We've just released a major update to our Kollaborate cloud workflow platform.


The Relationship Editor allows you to specify the relationship between two files. For example, you might upload a playable H.264 copy of a movie but also include a high-resolution ProRes version of the same clip for the recipient to work on. To help the other person find the file and know that it is a higher resolution copy of the same movie, you could enter the Relationship Editor for the H.264 file, browse for the ProRes copy and set the relationship as "Higher quality version". (All relationships are two-way so you can do it the opposite way around too.)

There are a wide range of relationship statuses including "Alternate version", "Foreign language version", "With text" / "Without text", "Temp audio" / "Final audio", etc. This is a very powerful feature that allows users to assign context to their files and also will allow Kollaborate in future to automatically deliver the most appropriate file to the user depending on the situation.

Comment replies

You can now reply to a comment. This was a much-requested feature we're glad to deliver.

Task indicators

Tasks are now color-coded depending on their status. Pending tasks appear red, in-progress tasks appear orange and completed tasks appear green.

Task indicators now appear in the comments view to allow you to see the tasks connected to a comment. The indicators are color-coded, allowing you to easily see which notes still need to be addressed. Note: existing tasks will not show up in the list; this only applies to tasks created from now on.

Cut Notes sync overhaul

We've overhauled Cut Notes sync and provided live comment support. Read more about that here.

Kollaborate Transfer

There's a new update to Kollaborate Transfer too. This allows you to automatically email links to a list of users upon successful upload and also now optimizes images for compatibility with the site. Other changes include more descriptive error messages and the ability to double-click a completed file to launch it in your web browser.

Other changes

Other small changes include:

  • Users will receive a notification when someone moves a file they previously couldn't access into their department
  • Users can be imported from existing projects when creating a new one
  • Comments can be disabled when sending out links
  • Project owners can now receive alerts without needing to be part of the team

Kollaborate is an advanced cloud workflow tool that integrates well with existing Digital Rebellion products. To find out more, try the free 15-day trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on May 28 2013 to DR News, Front Page News, Kollaborate