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Kollaborate Server 2.0.3 released with PHP 7 support

Earlier this week we released Kollaborate Server 2.0.3, a minor update to our in-house version of our Kollaborate cloud workflow platform. These fixes have already been rolled out to users of the cloud version.

Kollaborate Server can now be run on PHP 7, as well as PHP 5.6. You will need to make sure you have the very latest version of the Ioncube Loader to do this. Even if you are not using PHP 7 you may still need to update the loader if you are using a very old version.

Other changes

  • When emailing out a link through the site, the user's name is populated from their email address so they no longer need to enter it before commenting
  • Users can hold down Shift to prevent the comment overlay showing in full screen
  • Uploads from the FCPX plugin are now matched for revisions based on their title, not filename
  • Black thumbnails are now shown instead of the "unknown document" icon if a video thumbnail is pending
  • Prevented comments on archived projects
  • The comments box is now sized proportionally to the height of your browser
  • Added a popup alert to ask the user if they want to reset their password if they get it wrong too many times
  • API - Shared links generated by apps now take the file's title instead of appearing as Untitled
  • Forward and back slashes are now stripped from file titles
  • Extended OAuth token expiration dates to prevent infrequent users from constantly having to reauthorize
  • Improved the browser compatibility of annotation drawing
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not email a link created by another user
  • Fixed an issue on OS X where multiple link reminder emails may be sent
  • Fixed an issue where admins could not add Approval permissions to other users
  • Fixed an issue where revision uploads could fail if the parent folder contained invalid characters
  • Fixed an issue where aliases may not be playable
  • API: Fixed an issue where the server could choose the original file instead of the proxy when playing an alias
  • Fixed an error that could occur when trying to move thumbnails for a file type that does not intrinsically support thumbnails
  • Fixed an issue where comments may not show when a task with Japanese characters in the title is attached to it
  • Fixed an issue where invisible users could exist and not be able to be removed from a project
  • Fixed an issue where encoding jobs may not be distributed evenly across encoding servers
  • Security improvements
  • UI tweaks
  • Various other minor bug fixes and improvements

Kollaborate is an essential cloud workflow platform that allows you to share files with clients and team members while integrating with Digital Rebellion apps and services. Kollaborate Server allows you to host the platform in-house on your own servers and storage. To find out more, see the Kollaborate Server overview or register for the free cloud trial (Server trials are available on request).

Posted by Jon Chappell on Nov 19 2016 to Kollaborate, DR News, Front Page News