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Kollaborate Folder Watcher Beta 8 released with Finder integration

We've just released a new beta of Kollaborate Folder Watcher, which is a free tool for automatically uploading files to Kollaborate when they're added to a watch folder on your hard drive.

This version has a Finder Sync extension which allows you to see the status of files in your watch folder when you browse to it in Finder. It will show an orange icon if the file is currently processing and a green icon if it has been successfully uploaded to the cloud (note that these icons will only appear for files added to the folder from now on). You can also right-click files and either reupload them or cancel an existing upload.

Kollaborate Folder Watcher will work on OS X 10.6 and up but the Finder integration requires OS X 10.10. After installing, the extension may not automatically be enabled so please go to Extensions in System Preferences and tick the box marked "Finder" under the "KollabWatcher" heading (you may need to restart your computer for this to appear).

Please be aware that this version is beta quality, which means that it may have bugs and other limitations that could cause problems in a production environment. If you find any issues or have any feedback about integrating the tool into your workflow, please file a bug report on our support site.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 10 2015 to DR News, Front Page News, Kollaborate