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Kollaborate 1.2 released - favorites, custom depts, server encoding and more

We've just launched a major new version of Kollaborate on the cloud. With Kollaborate 1.2 we decided to address almost all of your top feature requests at once, including:


Favorite a file or comment to refer back to later. This is useful for creating to-do lists.

Custom Departments and Positions

Custom departments and positions can be added on a per-project basis, allowing you to create private storage areas only a few users can see.

Alias overhaul

Aliases have been redesigned and can now be linked to all past and future revisions of a file or just a particular revision.

Custom logos

You can specify a custom site logo that will appear at the top of the page when others view your project.

Linked accounts

Link other accounts to your subscription to allow team-members to also create projects.

Server-side encoding (beta)

Incompatible files under 20 mins can now be converted to H.264 on our server. This will take place by default for non-H.264 video files or files that are not in an MP4 container.

For power users we still recommend Kollaborate Transfer for uploading due to its faster speeds and greater customization.

Server-side encoding is currently considered beta so please let us know of any bugs, issues or incompatibilities you encounter.

Other changes

  • Non-admins can now approve files in their departments if the Approval permission is set (for some user types including Client and Agency Rep, this is set by default). To change this, click the dropdown next to a user on the Team page and click Permissions.
  • Navigate between files directly from the player and click a file's thumbnail in the Files page to preview it
  • Replace a file - upload a new copy while keeping all comments and links intact
  • Hide download button option when creating a link (note: this does not prevent users from downloading but makes it less obvious)
  • Right-click menus - instead of clicking the dropdown next to each user, file, project, task or comment, right-click to show the same menu
  • New comment export options - CSV and EdiCue
  • Many bug fixes and tweaks

Kollaborate is a cloud workflow platform that connects with Digital Rebellion products to allow you to share files and collaborate with colleagues and clients on your project. To find out more, read the feature list and FAQ, watch the overview video or register for the free 15-day trial (no credit card needed).

Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 14 2014 to Kollaborate, DR News, Front Page News