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Final Cut Pro X Compatibility with Digital Rebellion Products

Now that Final Cut Pro X is out, you may be wondering which Digital Rebellion software is compatible with the new application.

FCS Maintenance Pack - COMPATIBLE (via Pro Maintenance Tools)

As announced earlier, we are working on a new version called Pro Maintenance Tools. We have heard a great range of opinions on FCPX - some love it, some are sticking with FCP 7 for now and some are switching to Avid or Premiere. Pro Maintenance Tools works with all of these applications, so whatever you do, you're covered.

Update: Pro Maintenance Tools is now out.

Pro Media Tools - COMPATIBLE

Pro Media Tools was designed to be as independent as possible so it only needs a few minor tweaks in the next version. You can use it today on your FCPX projects.

The three XML apps in the suite don't work, which puts FCPX users in the same camp as Avid users who also don't have XML support. These remaining apps will be made compatible when/if XML support comes to FCPX.

Update: Pro Media Tools 1.0.3 now supports FCPX.


FCP Versioner depends on XML support, which is not present in FCPX right now.


Version 3.0 is now compatible with FCPX.

Preference Manager - COMPATIBLE

Version 3.0 is now compatible with FCPX.


Version 1.0.1 is compatible with Final Cut Pro X. Make sure you have the version 1.0.1 preference pane too.

We will update this page as more of our products become compatible with Final Cut Pro X.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 29 2011 to DR News, Front Page News, Utilities