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Editmote 2.0.1 released - new buttons, gestures and more

We just released Editmote 2.0.1, a minor update to our iOS app for remotely controlling your NLE. Existing users will need to update to the 2.0.1 versions of both the app and preference pane to obtain the new features.

New buttons

We've added a Zoom Timeline to Fit button and Connect and Append buttons for Final Cut Pro X users. These buttons are not in the default layout but can be accessed in the button layout editor. These commands can also have gestures assigned to them.

Shake gesture

You can now assign a command to be executed when shaking your device in the gesture interface. By default this is set to Undo, but you can assign it to anything you like.

We've also fixed several bugs and you can find the full changelog here.

Editmote is a useful app to have in your toolkit for client screenings. It is available on the App Store and requires the Editmote Preference Pane available here.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 4 2013 to Front Page News, Utilities, DR News