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CinePlay 1.6.2 and Cut Notes 2.4.4 released

CinePlay 1.6.2 for iOS and Cut Notes 2.4.4 for iPad are now out.

CinePlay 1.6.2 changes

  • New Kollaborate authentication system. It should detect your previous login automatically but if not, please reauthorize by clicking the + button in the media view. Self-hosted customers should be using Kollaborate Server 2.0 or higher. 
  • Added 2:1 and 2.40:1 aspect ratio masks
  • Fixed an issue where timecode may not update while scrubbing
  • Fixed an issue where the UI may hang while generating thumbnails
  • Various other bug fixes and tweaks

Cut Notes 2.4.4 changes

  • Button titles span multiple lines and dynamically resize to fit in more text
  • Fixed an issue where playback buttons may not work if the cut was initially loaded in portrait orientation
  • Notes now reorder correctly when editing timecode
  • Prevented users from accidentally switching back to the project view by swiping in the wrong place
  • Fixed an issue where large button sets could not be scrolled after switching out of notes view
  • Minor Kollaborate API tweaks
  • Various other tweaks and improvements

To find out more, visit the product pages for CinePlay for iOS and Cut Notes for iPad.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jul 27 2016 to DR News, Front Page News, Cut Notes