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Bugs of the Week - 12-9-12

Here are some more critical, useful and bizarre bugs that you should know about.

Premiere Pro

Canon C300 spanned clips can be merged in the wrong order

Premiere processes all audio clips in a sequence, even when only exporting a small section

Clip markers disappear after reconnecting media

Several reports of render files disappearing

Premiere may not load after updating QuickTime to 7.7.3 (Win 7)

H.264 CBR is not constant

Incorrect in and out points in subclips when importing FCP XML

Premiere hangs when opening a project on a computer with fewer monitors than the one it was saved on

Unable to name a captured clip if capture is stopped

Switching to "H.264 for Blu-ray" preset causes bitrate option to disappear

Audio out of sync when exported as AAC

Positions in the title editor are relative to the center of the object so it is difficult to line up left/right aligned text


FCPX 10.0.7 released with several major bug fixes

You may experience problems running plugins and Motion templates created for 10.0.6 on earlier versions

Upside-down frames from plugins not fixed in 10.0.7

Cannot eject external drives while FCPX is running

Several reports of frames not being shown in the timeline


How to Fix Red Exclamation Mark Error in FCP7 Log & Transfer

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 9 2012 to Bugs of the Week, Video Editing, Software