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Bugs of the Week - 1-27-13

Another installment of serious, useful and bizarre bugs in your NLE.


QuickTime movies with timecode tracks do not work correctly with Fast Start

DISK_TOO_MANY_OPEN error on ISIS could be caused by invisible OS X system files

Select Project window cannot be resized to show long filenames

Users still experiencing lag with third party I/O cards

Unable to rename template items in Marquee


The timeline doesn't play back (CS Repair can fix this)

Blend effect does not work well with retimed clips

Error 213:11 if permissions are incorrect (Windows)

No way to customize the autosave location (Pro Versioner helps with this)

Keyboard timeline navigation sometimes stops working

DNxHD clips exported from Avid in 601/709 space will need a level adjustment before they will display correctly in Premiere

Several Blackmagic users reporting playback issues

Premiere does not allow Firewire output when hardware MPE is active


Final Cut Pro X hangs when loading a project

Tips for color correcting with dual viewers


I suddenly feel better about Avid's cryptic errors

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 27 2013 to Bugs of the Week, Video Editing, Software