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Bugs of the Week - 6-30-13

Here's another installment of critical, useful or bizarre bugs in your NLE that you should know about.

Adobe Premiere

Multicam edits switch angles when relaunching a project in Premiere CC (probably best to do multicam edits in CS6 for now)

More multicam quirks

Update 7-1-13: Adobe has posted a candid response to the multicam bugs.

Match frame may not match to the correct clip

New NVIDIA Quadro driver can improve Lumetri effects processing (Windows)

Keyboard Shortcut panel is blank

Audio dropouts, possibly due to image sequences

Pressing M twice in the source panel adds a second marker instead of editing the first

Visual corruption when playing XDCAM media

Several reports of Effects Panel lag

Premiere CC still losing render files

Timecode is not preserved when sending to SpeedGrade

Labels can disappear in CS6

Importing media files first and then importing an XML can prevent freezes for large XML files


Media Composer 7 released

Not all AMA plugins are compatible with MC7. Here's a list

You may need to start background services manually for them to work

You may need to refresh autosequenced clips that have LUTs on them for the LUTs to show

Cannot scroll timeline horizontally with mouse wheel / trackpad

Reports of trim lag continue in MC 7

Scaled audio meter shows incorrect values

Media Composer 7 doesn't apply proper pulldown when converting frame rates

Dynamic Media Folders do not work correctly with audio files

Matrox Mini / MXO2 aren't officially supported in MC7 yet but they appear to still work

MC7 still can't export native ProRes media to an AAF

RED AMA plugin installer lacks a .pkg extension

Mark In / Out keys go to in and out points instead of marking them

Adobe Media Encoder

AME will pause encoding if Premiere starts playing

After Effects

After Effects is not compatible with OS X 10.9

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 30 2013 to Bugs of the Week, Video Editing, Software