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Bugs of the Week - 1-19-13

After a little hiatus, Bugs of the Week is back with more serious, interesting or unusual bugs for your NLE.


Premiere doesn't have a disk-based thumbnail cache so all thumbnails need to be regenerated upon opening a project

Premiere has a 99 track limit which limits the number of possible layers in a PSD file

You cannot move a clip by typing in numbers if your keyboard doesn't have a numpad

Dip to White start value is ignored with CUDA acceleration enabled

Speech recognition modifies the script

If Premiere crashes and won't relaunch, check that the process is no still running (Windows)

Trick for match-framing to a sequence in a nest


Summary of some of the changes in Media Composer 6.5.2 (improved trimming performance is huge if true)

Surround channels can be incorrectly assigned when imported from Pro Tools

Blue color shift with Avid FX


Thunderbolt devices can be disrupted by mobile phone signals (apparently this can also affect FireWire)

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 19 2013 to Bugs of the Week, Software, Video Editing