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2018 - Year in Review

Another year is over so let’s look back on the past 12 months.

Notable updates

Kollaborate - We made lots of enhancements to our cloud workflow platform over the year including Upload Workflows to automate tasks when uploading a file, including embedding LUTs and overlays; restoring deleted files; improved DaVinci Resolve integration; folder uploading; lots of new workflow tasks and much more.

We also reduced our month-to-month pricing on the cloud and added some additional options for self-hosted customers such as the ability to hide unused pages or options.

Pro Maintenance Tools - Our suite of maintenance and repair tools gained support for downgrading Adobe Premiere projects to open them in earlier versions, support for running scripts inside plugin installers, plus bug fixes and improved FCPX support.

Pro Media Tools - Our suite of media management tools had many improvements including Auto Transfer transfer logs, Video Check sensitivity improvements, Timeline Tricks can now strip audio/video transitions, QT Edit conform improvements and new Quick Tasks, plus several Batch Renamer usability improvements.

CinePlay for Mac - Our professional desktop media player gained many improvements to its Ganged Playheads feature, plus many UI and usability improvements to speed up your workflow.  

In total we released over 50 updates for our products.


Our most-downloaded and used app was Post Haste. Our most popular paid product was Kollaborate. Our most popular iOS app was Video Space Calculator.

Over 650,000 unique visitors visited and our products were downloaded over 175,000 times.

The most popular blog posts in 2018 were:

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What’s next

We're planning some big new things in 2019. You can keep up to date with new products, features and tips by subscribing to this blog, following us on Twitter or by subscribing to our mailing list.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 6 2019 to DR News, Front Page News