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Troubleshooting Pro Admin connection issues

If a client machine is highlighted in red, it means it is not connected. Here are some things to
try to resolve the issue:

1. If you have set the client to listen on a specific network interface (by default it is set to Any), make sure that the interface is connected to a network that the admin computer is capable of accessing.

2. In the Security pane of System Preferences, make sure the Firewall is not set to Allow only essential services.

3. If the Firewall is set to Set access for specific services and applications, make sure Pro Admin.app and ProClient are added to the list (ProClient is located at /Library/PreferencePanes/Pro Client.prefPane/MacOS/ProClient).

4. In the Pro Client pane in System Preferences, toggle the switch to the Off position, wait a few seconds and then toggle it back to On.

5. Try disabling your network connection and then re-enabling it. If you are connected to a wireless network, this will involve going to the Airport icon in the top-right corner of the screen, selecting Turn Airport Off, waiting a few seconds and then switching it back on.

If you are connected to a cabled network, it will require unplugging the cable, waiting a few seconds and plugging it back in.

6. If you are on a corporate network, you may have a hardware firewall. In this case, go to the Pro Client pane in System Preferences, specify a custom port and make sure this port is open on your firewall. Also try opening 35011, which is the fallback port if something goes wrong.

7. Download and reinstall Pro Client on the affected systems.

8. You may also experience success by closing Pro Admin and reopening it.