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macOS 10.15 Catalina compatibility with Digital Rebellion products

This post shows the current compatibility status of Digital Rebellion software with macOS 10.15 Catalina. It will be updated as compatible updates are released.


Compatible Software

Product Compatible Version Notes
Preference Manager 4.4.4  
FCS Remover 3.1.6  
Compressor Repair 2.3.4  
Post Haste for Mac 2.6.5  
Marker Import for Mac 2.2.2  
Kollaborate Transfer 1.5.4 The QuickTime fallback for older/third-party codecs has been removed, so these files will no longer be converted. But you can upload the file as-is and choose Actions > Create Playable Versions in the player to convert on the cloud.
CinePlay for Mac 1.6.3  
Kollaborate Folder Watcher 1.3.4  
Kollaborate Adobe Panel for Mac 1.0.3 Only the installer was incompatible, so this is just a repackage of the existing version with a new installer.
Pro Maintenance Tools 2.3

Some features were removed / changed:

  • Media Salvage no longer supports Apple Intermediate Codec
  • Media Salvage can no longer create droplets
  • You can no longer use third-party codecs with Corrupt Clip Finder

Additionally, Plugin Manager can now create plugin installers compatible with 10.15 and notarize them for you. You will need to recreate your existing installers with the new version.


Incompatible Software

We are planning compatible versions of this software soon and will update this page as new versions are released.

Pro Media Tools
Kollaborate Plugin Pack


Discontinued software

The following applications will be discontinued rather than updated.

Pro Admin