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Error messages supported by Crash Analyzer

This is a list of all error messages supported by the Error Lookup function in Crash Analyzer.

2 GB file limit exceededAvid Media Composer
3x crash service downCompressor
A database is corruptedFinal Cut Pro X
A file of this name already existsFinal Cut Pro
A serious error has occurred! It is recommended that you immediately save your work and restart the systemAvid Media Composer
AAFDomain: Failed to open file for readingAvid Media Composer
AAFExportMedia() - Unhandled descriptor type. Neither Video, Audio, or DataAvid Media Composer
AddMediaSample FailedAvid Media Composer
ADM_DIO_ERROR_OCCURRED, DIOerr: Flamethrower timeoutAvid Media Composer
ADM_DIO_ERROR_OCCURRED, DIOerr: No valid input signalAvid Media Composer
ADM_PLAY_NOT_ARMEDAvid Media Composer
Adobe Premiere Pro failed to return a video frame. Canceling the operationAdobe Premiere Pro
AMEResourceManager::ReconfigHW_LegendBoB_play()Error [2147483657] unable to: legendBob->SetIOModeAvid Media Composer
AMEResourceManager::ReconfigureRasterSize() Error [2147483656] unable toAvid Media Composer
An error occurred loading databaseAvid Media Composer
An error occurred while configuring QuickTime using the current capture preset. Please quit Final Cut Pro and check your hardware configurationFinal Cut Pro
An unspecified error occurred while performing a conform action on the following fileAdobe Premiere Pro
AParamItem::UniqueidentifierToParamID - unable to convert UID to paramIDAvid Media Composer
Assertion failed: kCGErrorSuccess == err && displaysCount > 0Avid Media Composer
Audio/Video is unexpectedly no longer coming into the systemAvid Media Composer
AUTO_COMP_NO_SYNCAvid Media Composer
BAD_MAGICAvid Media Composer
Binsave: error deleting bin fileAvid Media Composer
BlipPlayer::NonThreadedPlayBlipField: Timed out waiting for single frame player to stop. If scrubbing a complex sequence of unrendered effects, consider rendering them for better performanceAvid Media Composer
Bus error in main threadAvid Media Composer
Can't load databaseAvid Media Composer
Cannot create the AMA sample mapper to play this clipAvid Media Composer
Catalog too newFinal Cut Pro X
Codec not found. You may be using a compression type without the corresponding hardware cardFinal Cut Pro
Codec ErrorFinal Cut Pro
Compiler File ErrorDVD Studio Pro
ConvertToAAF() not implemented for this component typeAvid Media Composer
CORE_UNABLE_TO_DOAvid Media Composer
Correction can't be applied without a current monitorAvid Media Composer
Could Not Create FileSoundtrack Pro
CRUMB_EXISTSAvid Media Composer
DE_NO_COINAvid Media Composer
Device ErrorDVD Studio Pro
DID READER::XraiseUnexpectedStreamStatus async file system errorAvid Media Composer
DIDDescriptor: GetAAFProperties: XDCAMHD Unsupported resolutionAvid Media Composer
DISK_FILE_NOT_FOUNDAvid Media Composer
DISK_UNIX_ERRORAvid Media Composer
DSPPublishing error -29Final Cut Pro X
Effect does not applyAvid Media Composer
Error compiling movie. Codec compression error. This codec may be unable to support the requested frame size, or there may be a hardware or memory problemAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Disk FullAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Duplicate fileAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. File not foundAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. I/O ErrorAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Invalid output driveAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Out of memory. To maximize available memory, set the rendering optimization preference to 'Memory'Adobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Unable to create or open output fileAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Unable to save file. Destination file is in use by Adobe Media EncoderAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Unable to save file. Destination file is in use by PremiereAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. Unknown errorAdobe Premiere Pro
Error compiling movie. You do not have permission to create or delete the output fileAdobe Premiere Pro
Error: Unknown fileFinal Cut Pro
Failed to get the number of contiguous bytes from the AMA Plug-InAvid Media Composer
Failed to initialize audio hardwareAvid Media Composer
Failed to find coincidence point on tapeAvid Media Composer
Failed to save. Unknown store type, format, or versionFinal Cut Pro X
FILE_OTHERAvid Media Composer
Final Cut Pro cannot save changes to projects or Events. The disk where your projects or Events are located may be full or unavailable, projects or Events may have moved, or permissions may have changedFinal Cut Pro X
FlamethrowerOHCIManagerCoreRep ... No running thread to receive message Pyromaniac DIO FirewireBOBEventThread (null)Avid Media Composer
General ErrorFinal Cut Pro
General Error 34Final Cut Pro
General Error 41Final Cut Pro
Illegal angle situation. Only the main video angle will be simulatedDVD Studio Pro
Image is too large to be loadedAvid Media Composer
Import error - the video bit depth is unsupportedAdobe Premiere Pro
Import was aborted due to a timecode breakFinal Cut Pro X
Incompatible GOP structureDVD Studio Pro
INVALID_FILE_NAMEAvid Media Composer
KCAV: Activation code validation failedAvid Media Composer
KCAV: Failed to get Activation code attributesAvid Media Composer
Layer 0 exceeds the maximum layer size allowedDVD Studio Pro
Legend Audio Communications Error, Hardware UnderrunAvid Media Composer
Locator could not be createdAvid Media Composer
Long GOP cannot be exportedAvid Media Composer
Marker could not be createdAvid Media Composer
Menus cannot exceed 1GB in total size. Reduce the amount of data in your menusDVD Studio Pro
Metadata writing in progressAdobe Premiere Pro
Movie export from procedures FAILED! errcode 4294965987Avid Media Composer
MSM: No directory specified_3Avid Media Composer
MXF_DIDMAPPER: ReadRange- End Sample Index Exceeds on-disk index entry countAvid Media Composer
NO CHUNKAvid Media Composer
No compressed data format found for specified VCID and video formatAvid Media Composer
No media can be written to any mounted drive. Please check write permissionsAvid Media Composer
Not Enough Disk Space In Target FolderDVD Studio Pro
Not enough memory to import the requested fileAdobe Premiere Pro
NSURLDomainError -1001Final Cut Pro X
NSURLDomainError -1012Final Cut Pro X
NTSC assets cannot be imported into PAL projectsDVD Studio Pro
Offset Too BigQuickTime
omfiHPDomain_BAD_MAGICAvid Media Composer
omfiHPDomain_INIT_FAILEDAvid Media Composer
Operation not allowedFinal Cut Pro
Operation not supported filename:creatingAvid Media Composer
Out of MemoryFinal Cut Pro
PAL assets cannot be imported into NTSC projectsDVD Studio Pro
Portions of a sequence use Motion integration, but Motion integration is not installedFinal Cut Pro
Project is unreadable or too new for this version of Final Cut ProFinal Cut Pro
Publishing to YouTube Failed: NoLinkedYouTubeAccountFinal Cut Pro X
Publishing to YouTube Failed: ServiceUnavailableFinal Cut Pro X
Publishing to YouTube Failed: The request timed outFinal Cut Pro X
Range specified for Dup is outside range of componentAvid Media Composer
Render Error: Insufficient disk spaceFinal Cut Pro
ScriptSync Error: The file could not be createdAvid Media Composer
Segmentation fault in thread "Main thread"Avid Media Composer
Seq Header DuplicationDVD Studio Pro
Sequence error: unable to add clip to sequenceFinal Cut Pro
Sequence refers to non-existent track in clipAvid Media Composer
SFPlayConsumer::Execute TIMEOUTAvid Media Composer
SQL could not be executedAvid Media Composer
SQLite error code:1, 'too many SQL variables'Final Cut Pro X
SWDC_CodecInterface_Task::Execute() CONSISTENCY CHECK FAILURE ERRORAvid Media Composer
The Build Location folder contains a VIDEO_TS folder(standard DVD content). You must remove the VIDEO_TS folder from the Build Location in order to proceed with Build/Format of a HD DVD projectDVD Studio Pro
The document could not be openedFinal Cut Pro X
The drive containing the source material is not available. Using the drive specified in Media Creation settingsAvid Media Composer
The Help library requires JavascriptGeneral
The file has an unsupported compression typeAdobe Premiere Pro
The font dictionary can't be readAdobe Premiere Pro
The operation couldn't be completed. (com.apple.Compressor.CompressorKit.ErrorDomain error -1)Final Cut Pro X
The operation couldn't be completed. Permission deniedFinal Cut Pro X
The operation couldn't be completed. Invalid argumentFinal Cut Pro X
The project appears to be damaged. It cannot be openedAdobe Premiere Pro
The selected SAN location is already in useFinal Cut Pro X
The system is running low on memory (100% full). It is recommended that you close some bins and save your project before opening any more binsAvid Media Composer
There are no media drives available. You will only be able to import shot logsAvid Media Composer
There is not enough clip media to create the transitionFinal Cut Pro X
There were errors linking to AMA filesAvid Media Composer
This project contained a sequence that could not be opened. No sequence preview preset file or codec could be associated with this sequence typeAdobe Premiere Pro
Timed out obtaining dynamiclink server connectionAdobe Premiere Pro
T1P:ATM Parse ErrorAdobe Premiere Pro
Unable to connect to background processCompressor
Unable to create search data directoryAvid Media Composer
Unable to initialize OpenGL. Make sure Video Desktop is disabledColor
Unable to open file 'Media Tool'. File does not contain a valid Avid domain header. Cannot open launch Media ToolAvid Media Composer
Unable to relink AMA clip to selected file. It may be incompatible with the original. (ie: file type, edit rate, track list, duration)Avid Media Composer
Unable to stop spring buffer's fill threadAvid Media Composer
Unable to write shared user settings file. Make sure directory exists and is accessibleAvid Media Composer
Unsafe Operation AttemptedAdobe Premiere Pro
Unsupported compression in fileAdobe Premiere Pro
Unsupported format or damaged fileAdobe Premiere Pro
Unsupported resolutionAvid Media Composer
VDM3_VideoOutputCvtr::ExecuteRequest: Unexpected stateAvid Media Composer
Wrong type of download was foundAvid Media Composer
Your tape format has audio at 32000 and your audio project settings were expecting 48000. You need to change your audio project setting and re-recordAvid Media Composer
14Final Cut Pro
34Final Cut Pro
-111Avid Media Composer
-5000Avid Media Composer

To view the solutions for these error messages, please download Crash Analyzer. Unsupported error messages can be added using the submission link within the application.