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Codec support changes in Kollaborate Transfer 1.5.4 and higher

In order to provide support for macOS 10.15 Catalina, it was necessary to remove the QuickTime fallback in Kollaborate Transfer 1.5.4 or higher. The fallback allowed codecs not supported by Apple's newer AV Foundation framework, particularly third-party codecs like Avid DNxHD, to still be converted by the app (albeit much less efficiently than the AV Foundation converter).

This only affects Kollaborate Transfer and Kollaborate Folder Watcher and does not occur with ProRes or H.264 files. Our cloud encoders are not affected by this issue so it does not occur for files uploaded through a web browser.

In the long-term we plan to have a solution for this, but in the interim the options are as follows:

  1. Keep using an older version of the app on macOS 10.14 or below.
  2. Upload files via the Kollaborate site.
  3. Upload files as-is with Kollaborate Transfer and then convert them after upload with the cloud encoders by going to Actions > Create Playable Versions in the player.
  4. Export files as ProRes or H.264 prior to bringing them into Kollaborate Transfer.