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App analytics and usage data

Some of our applications log analytics and usage data to help us improve our software. This sends anonymous data periodically to our server.

Please be aware that this system is opt-in, so we do not log any data without your express permission. If you do not wish to share such data, simply decline when prompted. If you wish to retract this permission later on you can do so from the application's Preferences dialog.

This setting applies to all of our desktop apps so you will only ever be asked once, and whatever your answer is will be respected by every app. On mobile you will be asked once per app.

The data logged varies based on the app in question but essentially falls into the following areas:

  • Technical information such as the operating system version you are running
  • Configuration information such as the current app version and which NLEs you are using it with
  • Usage information such as the number of times an app has been launched
  • Information about any errors encountered

Your system is assigned an ID code which helps us filter out duplicate data. This code is completely random, is not guaranteed to be unique (sometimes more than one user has the same code) and is not linked to your Digital Rebellion account, so it is impossible for us to link an ID back to a particular user or computer. As an additional privacy measure your system is assigned a new ID every 90 days.

For more information, please view out privacy policy.