Professional Mac media player
CinePlay is a professional Mac media player complete with timecode overlays, markers, masking, safe areas and cloud playback support. It is ideal for dailies, portfolios, client feedback and mobile note taking.



All timings are specified in timecode notation and CinePlay can read timecode stored in a movie file. You can even add a draggable timecode overlay to the movie.


Add markers during playback and export them to a range of common marker formats.


Draw directly over the video when adding a marker.

Safe Areas

View customizable 4:3 and 16:9 title and action safe areas over your movie.


Sync two or more files together to compare shots side-by-side.

Cloud integration

Play cloud videos from Kollaborate, sync comments with your colleagues and even take part in live group note-taking sessions.

Use Synced Sessions to allow a colleague to control your playhead.

Timecode sync

Sync timecode to Cut Notes and other applications for easy note taking.

Free for Kollaborate users

Easily collaborate with clients and team members with free Kollaborate cloud functionality.



System Requirements