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Using QuickTime 7.4 with Final Cut Pro 6

I've seen a lot of questions about this lately. Some people have tried installing QuickTime 7.4 in order to fix problems they were experiencing with Final Cut Studio. There is no need to install QuickTime 7.4 on your Final Cut Pro machine as the 7.4 update does not offer any new features relevant to Final Cut. In fact, it causes a lot of incompatibilities with non-Apple software.

You should only install a QuickTime update when you are updating Final Cut Pro and the FCP update demands a later version of QuickTime. It is best not to do this in the middle of a project, and make sure you have a clone of your current system before you do so.

I understand that some people use their machines for multiple purposes and the temptation to install QuickTime 7.4 in order to get iTunes movie rentals must be great. I would advise people in this situation to at least wait for a 7.4.1 patch before upgrading. The bugs in the current release mean that such a patch is likely. Don't forget to clone your drive before you do it.

And don't install it at all unless you have the very latest version of Final Cut Pro (6.0.2) or it will break your Final Cut Pro installation.
Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 23 2008 to Apple, Final Cut Studio, QuickTime