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Update on Kollaborate 3.0

At NAB this year we unveiled a preview of Kollaborate 3.0 with a planned May release. Unfortunately, due to events beyond our control, we weren't able to meet this release deadline. The issue revolves around the speech-to-text technology we are using to transcribe videos. We are dependent upon a third-party for our speech models and while the model we showed at NAB was great for demoing, it wasn't production-ready and we were depending on a newer model being ready in order for us to ship the release.  We thought it would be ready in May but this turned out not to be the case.

Our understanding is that the new model is very close to release and could perhaps wrap up as soon as this week. After that, we need a little bit of extra time to get it working with the site and tie up some other loose ends and then we can release version 3.0. So it seems reasonable to say that Kollaborate 3.0 will be released sometime in June.

This is a one-off delay because we're shipping the feature with the release. In future we will update models independently of releases so model delays won't affect future release schedules. In the longer term we plan to either create our own models from scratch or supplement pre-built models with our own data, which will make us less dependent on third parties.

While we could have shipped 3.0 without the transcription feature, this seemed wrong as transcription was a signature feature of the release. While we were waiting for the speech model we weren't idle and added some additional features to the release, so version 3.0 will be a much bigger release than what was shown at NAB.

So while the delay is unfortunate, customers will at least benefit from lots of great new features we'll announce when 3.0 ships.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 4 2019 to Kollaborate, Front Page News, DR News