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Recently updated AppleCare docs - 5/1/09

Here are the most recent AppleCare docs relevant to ProApp users, or ones that I found generally useful.


Xserve: USB, FireWire, and optical drive do not respond
MacBook Pro: Distorted video or no video issues
Can't connect two DVI connectors to Power Mac G5 (Late 2005), Mac Pro (Original), and Mac Pro (Early 2008) video cards
Xserve (Early 2009): Use the latest version of Server Admin Tools
Mac Pro: Power consumption and thermal output (BTU) information
Xserve (Late 2006 and later): Configuring Lights-Out Management (LOM)
Xserve (Late 2006 or later): How to configure Server Monitor to access Xserve
Xserve (Early 2009): Power consumption and thermal output (BTU) information
Certain optical digital audio source sample rates may not work for some Intel-based Macs

Final Cut Pro / Express

Final Cut Express: Camcorder support
Final Cut Pro/Express: Some imported PSD files may only contain the background layer
Final Cut Pro: Speed interferes with Smooth Cam
Final Cut Pro: Troubleshooting Basics
Final Cut Pro: Green frames or other anomalies on render with REDCODE
Final Cut Pro: Quality issue with movies you export from the Viewer with filters applied
Final Cut Pro: Log and capture with DV50 sometimes does not work in French or Japanese


Motion: Motion quits unexpectedly when exporting to REDCODE


Compressor: Troubleshooting basics


Logic Express: Locating the Support ID and Serial Number


Xsan 2: Compatibility of Xsan clients with Grass Valley SAN shared storage systems
Xsan 2: Xsan Admin Setup Assistant appears when opening Xsan Admin


Mac OS X keyboard shortcuts
Mac OS X: How to log a kernel panic
Posted by Jon Chappell on May 1 2009 to Apple, Final Cut Studio, Hardware