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Kollaborate 3.0 Preview - Machine learning / AI, media archival, comment attachments and Kollaborate Hybrid Cloud

We'll be exhibiting a preview of the next version of Kollaborate at NAB this year. Here's what's coming soon.


Machine learning / AI

We're using machine learning technology to create transcripts of the spoken audio in your videos. Kollaborate will automatically highlight the current sentence as the video plays and you can click on sentences to jump to that point in the video. Searching from the Files page now searches transcripts too, so you easily locate files that contain specific words.

Kollaborate uses the transcript to create automatic subtitles below the video and you can even export these subtitles as a separate file in common subtitle formats like SRT or VTT.

Best of all, this technology is completely self-contained on our servers. Privacy is extremely important to us so we wanted a solution that protected our users' data and did not share it with third-parties. It also has the added benefit that we're not paying a fee per transcription, only general server costs, so unlike other companies who limit you to a certain number of transcription hours per month, our transcription service is unlimited. Transcribe as many files as you like for no extra cost and the only limitation is how quickly our servers can process the queue.

Kollaborate Archive

We're launching a new service aimed at making it easy for users to archive critical data like camera master files. It's essentially a wrapper around Amazon's Glacier service but with the following additional benefits:

  1. Ease of use. Glacier can be complicated to configure and difficult for non-tech-savvy users to use. Our system is dead simple and allows you to authorize users to upload or download files from an archive without them needing a user account.
  2. Per-archive billing. This feature is aimed at freelancers who work with multiple companies and allows you to archive files from a project you work on but have the production company pay the data bill.

Kollaborate subscribers will get a certain amount of free archival storage (amount to be determined) and can choose which archives that free storage applies to.

Losing data can be devastating so we want to encourage more people to safely archive their data in the cloud by making it cheap, easy and convenient. Because this is designed for emergency situations there is a fee for retrieving data. Pricing is yet to be announced, but we don't want it to be significantly more expensive than Amazon Glacier.

Comment attachments

Even though you can leave comments at specific timecode positions and draw over a video, sometimes that isn't enough to get your point across, so you can now attach files to comments. So you can say "I want the color to look like this" and attach a photo, rather than trying to describe it.

Users who are less comfortable typing can now leave video or audio comments too.

Encoding Workflows

There's a new type of workflow - Encoding Workflows. These allow you to specify how a file is converted from one format to another and then trigger the workflow when uploading, duplicating or downloading a file. So you can choose for example to download a watermarked version of a video, or a mixed-down version, and Kollaborate will create that version for you and email you a link once it's ready.

Kollaborate Hybrid Cloud

Self-hosted customers can mix and match which services they run locally and which we run for them in the cloud. So you can run the site on your own server but use our cloud servers for encoding. This can simplify setting things up and prevents you from having to make an upfront investment in expensive server hardware.

You can alternatively configure Kollaborate Hybrid Cloud to only use our servers at times of peak load. Your local installation will use its local encoders most of the time but will utilize ours to help manage the load if too many uploads are occurring at once. This helps keep your site responsive without having to have redundant servers sitting idle.

Coming soon

What we're announcing today is a preview of the next version of Kollaborate so these features are not available today, however we're planning to ship them publicly around late April / early May. But you can see it in action at NAB next week, at booth SL15205 in the lower South Hall.

However, we do have two things that are shipping today:

Upgraded plans

We've upgraded our plans and added significantly more storage for the same price.

Plan Old Storage New Storage Annual price Month-to-month price
Small Business 30 GB 60 GB $180 ($15/month eq) $25
Business 60 GB 125 GB $300 ($25/month eq) $40
Production 100 GB 250 GB $480 ($40/month eq) $60
Production Plus 200 GB 500 GB $780 ($65/month eq) $99
Studio 300 GB 1 TB $1188 ($99/month eq) $129
Studio Plus 500 GB 2 TB $1548 ($129/ month eq) $169
Network 1.5 TB 3 TB $2388 ($199/month eq) $239
Network Plus 3 TB 5 TB $3588 ($299/month eq) $339

Kollaborate's plans have always been designed for teams but we're aware that some people, especially freelancers, may not need all of the team features. So we're now offering individual plans which allow you to get a lot of storage without features like team members or branding.

Plan Storage Annual price Month-to-month price
Basic 30 GB $60 ($5/mo equivalent) $8
Freelance 250 GB $180 ($15/mo equivalent) $25
Freelance Plus 500 GB $300 ($25/mo equivalent) $40

To recognize the difference between the two types of plans, some plans have been renamed. However, existing customers are still on the same plan as before with the same price and features even if the name is different.

Large file uploads out of beta

Our large file uploads feature is out of beta and allows you to upload files up to 50 GB in size. It works by cutting the file up into segments and this segmenting will automatically take place for files above 5 GB. We're still using the old non-segmented method for files below this size for now, but you can switch on segmented uploads for all files here, which should make uploading faster for files below 5 GB.

Kollaborate is an essential cloud workflow platform that allows you to share files with clients and team members while integrating with Digital Rebellion apps and services. To find out more, see the overview or register for the free trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Apr 3 2019 to Kollaborate, DR News, Front Page News