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Kollaborate 2.7 - Embed LUTs, watermarks and overlays; folder uploading; view limits; Resolve marker import/export

Kollaborate 2.7 is a major update to our cloud workflow platform for sharing files and working more effectively with your team.

Upload Workflows

We've expanded our Workflows feature to include Upload Workflows. Upload Workflows are a new type of Workflow that allow you to set certain actions to occur when uploading a new file. You can choose whether to convert the file to a playable format, add LUTs and watermarks, and burn in data like timecode or the project name over the frame. This works for both videos and still images.

Upload Workflows can be limited to apply only to certain folders, which allows you to setup different rules depending on the folder the file is uploaded to. For example, you could choose to apply LUTs to files uploaded to a Dailies folder and watermarks to files uploaded to a Client Review folder.

You can also use Upload Workflows as a way of validating uploads. So if you require your deliverables to be uploaded as 1080p, you can set an upload workflow to apply a file workflow that will highlight the file red if it is a different resolution.

Upload Workflows are very powerful and we plan to release some videos soon showing more things you can do with them.

Send out a link from a File Workflow

What were previously known as Workflows are now called File Workflows to differentiate them from Upload Workflows. You can now automatically email out a link from a File Workflow, which will allow you to do things like automatically send a link to the client after your team has approved the file.

Trigger workflows from Tasks

Tasks can now trigger File Workflows when they are completed. This would allow you to, for example, sort task deliverables into a Tasks Completed folder after they are finished or allow others on your team to review them. You can trigger File Workflows for related files and deliverables separately.

Image conversion

Image files can now be converted to web-viewable formats by our encoding servers. There's a default Upload Workflow that will automatically convert unsupported images (e.g. BMPs or DPXs) to JPEGs when uploaded.

Workflow import / restore

Workflows can now be imported from other projects or restored back to the default versions.

(Note that Upload Workflows may not import in their entirety if they depend on files or custom departments that only exist in the other project.) 

DaVinci Resolve marker import / export

Kollaborate can now import and export markers to Davinci Resolve as marker EDLs.

To import into Resolve, right-click on your timeline in the Media or Edit pane and go to Timelines > Import > Timeline Markers from EDL. 

Folder uploading

Folders can now be dragged in to upload them. Kollaborate will respect the original folder structure and create subfolders accordingly.

Link recipients can now edit / delete their comments

Link recipients can now edit and delete their comments for up to 1 hour after posting.

View / upload limits for links

You can now specify how many times a link can be viewed or how many files can be uploaded to a File Request before the link will automatically expire. Links that have hit their expiration limit are highlighted in red on the Share page. 

File History

You can now see the history of a file directly from the player. 

Other changes

  • Batch create aliases
  • Batch favoriting from the Files page
  • Added an option to hide the play icon overlay when a video is paused in Playback Settings
  • Full-screen auto advance - if you are in full screen mode and Kollaborate is set to automatically advance to the next or previous file, full screen mode will be maintained when switching to the new file.
  • Removed the comment submit button - press Enter to submit comments
  • Tags are now duplicated when creating aliases
  • Link expiration dates can now be removed after being set
  • You can now opt out of being automatically subscribed to files you interact with (e.g. by commenting) from the Profile page
  • File Request recipients are no longer asked for their name to improve the user experience. If the link is not sent through the site, their uploads will be tagged with their IP address
  • You can now favorite, link and download files directly from the QuickLook dialog
  • Many UI improvements and tweaks
  • Lots of bug fixes

Kollaborate is an essential cloud workflow platform that allows you to share files with clients and team members while integrating with Digital Rebellion apps and services. To find out more, see the features page or register for the free trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on May 9 2018 to Kollaborate, Front Page News, DR News