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How to reinstall Compressor and Qmaster

We recently released Compressor Repair, which aims to fix some of the most common problems with Compressor - but it can't help you if you've got missing or corrupted files. Sometimes a reinstall of Compressor and Qmaster is needed (although these steps apply to any software in the Suite). Here's how to do it properly.

1. Download FCS Remover and run it.

2. Select "Compressor and Qmaster Only" as the preset.

3. Click Remove and enter your admin password.

4. Restart your machine, and when it boots up again, empty your Trash.

5. Insert your Final Cut Pro or Logic DVD (I'm using Logic here), ctrl-click on "Install Logic Studio" or "Install Final Cut Studio" and select Show Original.

If you are running Final Cut Studio 3 (FCP 7), perform Step 6. If you are running Final Cut Studio 2 (FCP 6), skip to Step 7.

6a. Locate the files Compressor.pkg and Qmaster.pkg and drag both of them to your desktop.

6b. Ctrl-click on Compressor.pkg and go to Show Package Contents.

6c. Navigate to Contents/Resources and locate the file InstallationCheck. Delete or rename this file.

6d. Repeat these steps for Qmaster.pkg.

7. Run Compressor.pkg (if using Final Cut Studio 3) or Compressor.mpkg (if using Final Cut Studio 2 - note the extra "m").

8. When that finishes, run Qmaster.pkg (FCS 3) or Qmaster.mpkg (FCS 2 - again note the "m").

That's it! At this point, it is a good idea to update Final Cut Studio. Several users have reported that this method did not work until they had updated Compressor and Qmaster to the latest versions after reinstalling.

(Note: I've seen other people recommend Pacifist as a way of installing the files again once they've been removed. Pacifist is a great piece of software but if you make a mistake, it's possible to seriously screw things up unless you know what you're doing. I think this method is a lot safer and less susceptible to user error. However, if the above steps don't work for you, try Scott Simmons' Pacifist method here.)
Posted by Jon Chappell on Nov 11 2008 to Final Cut Studio, Apple, Software