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Bugs of the Week - 2-15-13

Here's another installment of our weekly selection of serious, useful and bizarre bugs in your NLE.


Playback issues with non-standard variable GOP AVCHD media

How to temporarily disable your Blackmagic card

How to prevent adjacent clips from being merged in EDL Manager


Audio corruption with Denoiser filter
(I too have experienced issues with this filter and have stopped using it)

Cannot export a frame from the program monitor if an audio-only sequence is open on another monitor

Hold shift to snap to an edit point when dragging the playhead


Performance comparison between different apps playing an H.264 file
(the strange part is that QuickTime Player and FCPX both use AV Foundation)


You cannot hold down Option at startup to boot from a recovery partition on a Fusion drive

Posted by Jon Chappell on Feb 15 2013 to Bugs of the Week, Software, Video Editing