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Browser corruption bug still not fixed

I can't believe Apple still hasn't fixed this. This bug has been in Final Cut Pro for as long as I can remember (since at least version 5) and is so simple to replicate that you'd think they'd have fixed it by now. I've been experiencing it for a long time but for some reason it really annoyed me today.

1. In the Browser, modify the height of the window so that the bottom element in the list is at the very bottom of the window but not so much that the scroll bar appears.

2. Use your mouse's scroll wheel to scroll downwards.

It's really annoying when it happens accidentally, especially if a client is looking over your shoulder. I fix it by making the window a bit smaller to force the scroll bar to appear.

This is by no means the worst bug of Final Cut Pro but it really shouldn't have been here for so long. It's ridiculously simple to fix because it's so easily replicable.
Posted by Jon Chappell on Jul 10 2008 to Final Cut Studio, Analysis, Apple