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5 things Apple should change in OS X 10.9

OS X is a mature operating system so it's probably largely meeting most people's needs already, however here's a list of five things we'd like to see in OS X 10.9.

1. AV Foundation improvements

The QuickTime API is horrible and I'd love to ditch it completely, but AV Foundation has some catching up to do before that can happen.

It needs support for third-party codecs like DNxHD, support for reference movies and the ability to update a file in-place (like QT Edit does) without having to re-encode the entire movie just to make a small modification.

2. Native support for containers other than QuickTime

It'd be great if OS X could natively deal with MXFs, AVIs, MKVs, etc as if they were QuickTime movies.

3. Encrypted folders

Ability to encrypt and password protect a single folder on your hard disk, instead of the entire drive or the entire home folder.

4. Finder improvements

It looks like Apple may already be bringing tabs to Finder (great) but we'd also like to see an editable location bar like Windows has, bring back Cmd-clicking on the title bar to open another folder in a new window, and a solution to the scroll bar temporarily obscuring the last item in a list.

5. Second screen support

An API for low-latency visual output to an iOS device would be great for status windows, scopes, etc.

Things Apple definitely shouldn't change:

1. Don't kill QuickTime yet.

2. Don't make it so we can't run 32-bit apps anymore.

3. Don't force all apps to be sandboxed.

4. Allow untrusted apps to run if the user desires.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 5 2013 to Analysis, Apple, Software