Pro Media Tools

Media and workflow management for video professionals
"With apps such as Quick Bins, Batch Renamer & Project Overview, I feel like I have an assistant editor living in my dock. I'm starting to forget how I worked without them."
-- Craig Bergonzoni
Pro Media Tools is a suite of workflow tools designed to simplify media management and streamline workflows in Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer and Adobe Premiere for Mac.

The suite contains tools for editing QuickTime movie metadata, watching render files, editing markers, and much more. The applications are capable of outputting a variety of file formats to suit different editing systems and workflows.


Organize your projects

Automatically sort clips into bins, collapse tracks and create project templates to ensure consistent project organization.

Improve DSLR workflows

Offload and verify your media, tag it with timecode and metadata, and conform slow-motion footage.

Manage chapters and markers

Mass-modify markers and convert marker lists to QuickTime chapters.

Render alerts

Get alerted when a render or export finishes. You can even send alerts to a mobile device.

Manage metadata

Modify timecode, reel, scene and other QuickTime movie metadata. You can even add your own custom metadata fields.

Clean up timelines

Collapse tracks, remove disabled clips, strip filters and markers.

Batch rename

Batch rename large quantities of files at once, renumber frames and close gaps. Great for DI workflows with large numbers of frame images.

Quality assurance

Scan and detect non-broadcast safe video files. Ensure exported files meet the specs of the broadcaster.


Auto Transfer

Offload and checksum camera media cards to multiple drives at once.

Batch Renamer

Batch rename files with full support for frame numbers.

Edit Detector

Scan video files to locate where edits and scene changes occur.

Post Haste

Create templated folder structures for your projects.

Project Overview

Show all media within a project and batch-edit effects and markers.

QT Edit

Edit QuickTime files to manage tracks, metadata, chapters and encoding settings.

Quick Bins

Automatically organizes media in your project browser into relevant bins.

Render Watcher

Watches for renders to complete and notifies you with visual / audio alerts or emails.

Timeline Tricks

Performs various tasks on sequences including replacing gaps with slugs, collapsing tracks and removing unused tracks.

Video Check

Scans a video file for illegal luminance values, audio peaks, flash frames and other artifacts.



System Requirements

Versions for older operating systems are available here.