Pro Maintenance Tools

Maintain, optimize and troubleshoot your editing system
"I've learnt first-hand how useful Digital Rebellion apps are for keeping things clean and for analysing and fixing problems."
-- Keith White
Macworld Australia

Maintain, Optimize, Troubleshoot

Pro Maintenance Tools keeps your editing system running smoothly so you can quickly get back on track in the event of a problem.

Use the diagnosis tools to determine the cause of the issue by analyzing crash logs or locating corrupt media files, then use the repair tools to fix the problem.

Pro Maintenance Tools supports Final Cut Studio, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer / Symphony and Adobe Premiere Pro for Mac.


Minimize downtime

Perform common troubleshooting tasks at the press of a button so you can get back to work faster.

Analyze crashes

Analyze your crash logs to find out the cause of a crash and how to resolve it.

Repair corrupt files

Fix QuickTime movies and project files that can no longer be opened.

Look up error messages

Type in cryptic error messages you receive from your NLE and receive plain-English explanations.

Manage plugins

Easily install, remove, enable, disable and organize your effects plugins.

Schedule maintenance

Perform maintenance tasks such as clearing caches or restoring preferences on a schedule.

Plugin installers

Developers can use Pro Maintenance Tools to easily create standalone installers for their plugins.

Cross-NLE support

Pro Maintenance Tools supports Avid Media Composer, Avid Symphony, Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro X and Final Cut Studio.


Autosave Manager

View, restore and manage your autosaved editorial projects from a single app.

Compressor Repair

Repairs permissions, clears caches and restores Apple Compressor's processing queue.

Corrupt Clip Finder

Locates and quarantines corrupt files in your project.

Crash Analyzer

Analyzes crash logs, diagnoses the cause of the crash and suggests ways to solve the problem.

CS Repair

Repairs common Adobe Premiere problems.

FCS Remover

Completely uninstall Final Cut Studio, Logic or FCPX for reinstallation.


Trashes over 100 different caches to free up disk space and troubleshoot problems.

MC Repair

Repairs common Avid Media Composer / Symphony problems.

Media Salvage

Restore corrupt or unreadable video files.

Path Manager

Manage all scratch disks and content paths in one place.

Plugin Manager

Installs, groups, disables and manages plugins for your editing apps.

Preference Manager

Trash, backup, lock and restore your editing apps' preferences and settings.

Project Repair

Repair corrupt project files.

QT Repair

Repairs the header structure of QuickTime movies. A useful alternative to Media Salvage in situations where the media data is still intact.


Performs common troubleshooting tasks with one button or shortcut key press.

System Toolkit

Scans, repairs and customizes system components.

Task Scheduler

Schedule troubleshooting tasks on specific dates, time intervals or in response to system events.

XML Repair

Repairs corrupt Final Cut Pro 7 / FCPX XML files.



System Requirements

Versions for older operating systems are available here.