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Kollaborate Server 1.0.1 released - Post Haste integration, team privacy and more

In conjunction with our earlier Post Haste 2.5 launch, we also released Kollaborate Server 1.0.1. Kollaborate Server is our workflow platform that companies can run in-house, but the same changes have also been made to the cloud version of Kollaborate too.

Post Haste unique project ID support

Kollaborate Server can now maintain a database of project IDs and prevent Post Haste users from creating duplicate projects.

Team privacy

You can now specify privacy options when creating a project that limit what non-admins are able to see. You can choose to show all users in the project on the Team page, just users in the same department or no other people. You can also prevent email addresses and phone numbers from being visible. These features do not affect admins, who can always see everything.

UI Improvements

We've made various UI tweaks and improvements to the site including new icons, overhauled download pages and overhauled notification emails.

Other changes

  • Added view and download counts
  • Users no longer need to enter a password if link comments are disabled
  • My Files link added to user dropdown
  • Auto-pause option removed if it's a video or audio file
  • Kollaborate Server: Several bug fixes that could cause failed uploads or downloads in certain instances

Kollaborate is a cloud workflow platform for video professionals that tightly integrates and extends Digital Rebellion applications. To find out more, view the features page or sign up for the free trial.

Kollaborate Server is a version of Kollaborate you can run in-house on your own servers and storage. To install the newest update, login and visit the Kollaborate Server page. We've also now got an RSS feed you can subscribe to for notification of future updates.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jul 22 2013 to Front Page News, DR News, Kollaborate