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Kollaborate 2.7.2 - large file uploads, inline renaming, audio playheads, dynamic dates and more

We've listened to customer feedback on our cloud workflow platform and Kollaborate 2.7.2 has a lot of great new features, both large and small, that customers have been asking for.

Large file uploads (beta)

Kollaborate now supports segmented uploads, meaning that not only can you upload larger files to the site, but your uploads should be both faster and more reliable.

This will soon be the default option on the site but for now it is opt-in. To enable it, head to the beta page and tick the box marked Large file uploads then click Save. Note that this is a per-browser setting so you will need to re-enable it if you switch to a different browser or computer.

Once enabled, segmenting will work automatically for all files over 20 MB. For now the new upper limit is 50 GB per file, but we will likely raise it further as we get closer to making it the default option.

We're keen to hear feedback on this feature, especially from people outside of the US. Your feedback will help us tune it further and make it even faster.

Inline renaming

Renaming a file no longer launches a dialog box or takes you to a different page - it now happens directly in the Files view. This is a better user experience and matches what you would expect in Finder or Windows Explorer. 

Audio playheads

Audio files now show a playhead over their waveform, allowing you to easily skip to specific points in the file. 

Dynamic dates

Dates on comments and files now update dynamically to ensure they are accurate without needing to reload the page - i.e. instead of saying "just now" until you hit refresh, it will now say "x minutes ago" automatically depending on how much time has elapsed.

You can also click on a date on a file or comment to toggle between relative and absolute dates.

File browsing improvements

  • File titles dynamically resize so you can view longer titles
  • Creating new folders or aliases no longer reloads the page
  • Sorting columns no longer reloads the page
  • Added F shortcut key for favoriting files
  • Departments now show size and last modified date and can be sorted by this information
  • Right-clicking two or more files now reveals a Combine Versions option
  • Entering a folder after searching now continues the search inside that folder
  • Quick Look - Improved the UI of folder previews - scroll to see files in the folder, click on a file to view it in the player

UI changes

We've made lots of user interface improvements including new button styles and a new avatar style with a greater range of colors. 

Architecture improvements

A lot of the changes in this version are on the back-end, including an overhaul of how we manage logins and active sessions. These features may not be noticeable but they pave the way for a lot of exciting things we plan to deliver in the near future.

Other changes

  • Multi-Factor Authentication: You can now copy a text string instead of the QR code
  • Tasks can now be imported from a CSV file
  • Share - Share link summary page now includes the password if specified
  • Numerous bug fixes / minor tweaks

Kollaborate is an essential cloud workflow platform that allows you to share files with clients and team members while integrating with Digital Rebellion apps and services. To find out more, see the overview or register for the free trial.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jan 16 2019 to DR News, Front Page News, Kollaborate