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Bugs of the Week - 12-1-12

Another installment of our weekly list of serious, useful and bizarre bugs in your NLE that you should know about.


Potential fix for slow playback

Project Manager does not copy spanned AVCHD clips

Titler adjustment handles invisible on white backgrounds

Timeline scrolling with the scrollwheel slower in CS6

CUDA crashes on Windows 7 (includes lots of tips and a registry tweak)

Premiere crash when sending merged clips to Audition


Trick for getting Avid to ignore a drive

Bins can appear off-screen when opening a project created on a system with a larger monitor

You may need to delete the AVCHD AMA plugin before updating to a newer version

System audio can only be heard if Avid is active

Fix for "expand luminance range for computer displays" not working


New AJA Kona drivers with support for automatic FCPX event creation

Green flashes can occur if FCPX drops frames

"Cannot save changes" error appears when using third-party plugins

Cannot switch to other clips after applying settings in the Inspector

Lots of reports of sharing problems, primarily when burning DVDs

Several reports of audio turning red in the timeline


With the playhead on the clip, hitting Option + Down Arrow on a clip collision causes the clip to shift one pixel down - Strypes

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 2 2012 to Bugs of the Week, Video Editing, Software