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Weekend Reads - Dec 24 2016

AMD's RYZEN Outshines Intel's Best In 7 Different Benchmarks & Demos - WCCFTech

AMD's new RYZEN processors look excellent.

New MacBook Pros Fail to Earn Consumer Reports Recommendation - Consumer Reports

New MacBook Pros not recommended by Consumer Reports due to battery issues.

30 of the Most Important Photoshop Features and How to Use Them - PetaPixel

There's something in here for everyone, from beginner to professional.

Making Final Cut Pro Great Again (for Pros) - Sean Lander

Wishlist for future FCPX versions.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 24 2016 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - Dec 17 2016

Colour Grading Tutorials for DaVinci Resolve - Jonny Elwyn

Extensive list of free video tutorials for DaVinci Resolve.

Lumaforge : FCPX 10.3 Workflow

Great overview of narrative workflows in FCPX 10.3, courtesy of Lumaforge and LACPUG.

Tips to help abrupt dialog edits - Pro Tools is Awesome!

Lots of useful dialogue editing tips that can be applied to other DAWs too.

In Old Movies, Why The Dial Tone After Someone Hangs Up? - YouTube

Once again, movies make the mistake of applying something that only exists in California to the rest of the country.

This Web Tool Helps Creatives Say 'No' to Working for Poor Pay or Exposure - PetaPixel

This is a great tool for helping you negotiate with clients.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 17 2016 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - Dec 3 2016

How To Edit an Action Movie - Jonny Elwyn

Great primer on action scene editing, alongside real movie clips showing the techniques.

Premiere Pro CC 2017- New Features -

Some of the less obvious features in the new Premiere update.

In Search of the New Mac Pro by Damian Allen - ProVideo Coalition

What are the options in a world in which the Mac Pro still hasn't been updated?

AMD Zen Summit Ridge Processors Rumored For Launch on 17th January - WCCFTech

AMD is getting back in the high-performance CPU game. Intel-class performance, half the price.

Free 2017 Post Production Icons! - Sam Woodhall

Free folder icon pack from Sam Woodhall. Great for Post Haste users.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Dec 3 2016 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - Sep 10 2016

Google is working on a way for artificial intelligence to compress your photos -- Quartz

A compression method invented by the spoof HBO show Silicon Valley can actually work in real life to reduce image sizes.

The bizarre true story behind the "this is a work of fiction" disclaimer

The real reason movies have disclaimers at the end.

Roadie Wrap - YouTube [video]

The proper way to wrap cables.

For first time, carbon nanotube transistors outperform silicon

A big breakthrough in carbon nanotube technology just as Moore's Law is approaching the end for silicon.

HypeVR's Volumetric VR Video Rig Uses 14 Epic Red Cameras

HypeVR creates a "volumetric" camera rig offering limited movement through a VR video.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 10 2016 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - Aug 20 2016

The chemicals we off-gas change when we watch something funny or thrilling | Ars Technica

Air testing could be a future alternative to movie reviews.

MIT shows off amazing manipulation of objects in video | Nackblog

Dynamic video could allow CG and live-action objects to easily interact with each other.

Seagate's new 60TB SSD is world's largest | Ars Technica

Seagate announces the world's largest SSD with a 3.5in form factor.

QI | Why Are Actors So Overpaid? [video]

QI demonstrates the Kuleshov Effect.

How natural are nature documentaries? | The Verge

Interesting discussion about the tricks that documentarians perform to get the footage they need.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 20 2016 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - Aug 13 2016

To Surprise a Voice

The art of subtitles.

A brief history of TV shows' opening credit sequences

How opening title sequences evolved over the decades.

How Sony, Microsoft, and Other Gadget Makers Violate Federal Warranty Law

You have a lot more control over devices you own than you'd think.

The Evolution of Steven Spielberg [video]

Chart Spielberg's directing evolution from Escape to Nowhere to the BFG.

Movie written by algorithm turns out to be hilarious and intense

Watch Sunspring, a short sci-fi movie written entirely by an AI.

2k is not 2048x1152

By creating frame sizes that are larger than the target but not large enough for downsampling to be effective may be degrading image quality.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Aug 13 2016 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - 10-20-13

Do you really need to buy Compressor when you can export from Final Cut Pro X?

FCP 7's export functions were traditionally poor and FCPX's are much better, but here's why you still need Compressor.

Prepare a Mac for OS X Mavericks the Right Way

Mavericks will be out soon. Here's how to prepare for it, although you probably don't want to upgrade your production machines on day one.

RED editing? Dedicated controllers? Could this be a tablet that professionals can use?

The Microsoft Surface 2 tablet looks interesting as a potential post production tool.

Some Power Titling Tips in Premiere Pro

Very useful tips for dealing with titles in Premiere Pro CC.

5 QuickTime Player Secrets

Power tips for playing video in QuickTime Player X.

Where did the light go in the waveform monitor?

FCP 7's waveform brightness function may help you to see hot spots that don't show up under the default settings.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Oct 21 2013 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - 6-30-13

Avid Media Composer 7 ships - here's 25 new features

Scott Simmons gives a summary of several new features in MC7.

MC 7 is out! What Avid won't tell you about Spanned Markers

There are still some kinks in the new Spanned Markers feature. (Btw, we're glad Avid introduced them because we can now do some great stuff with Kollaborate.)

A Simple Way to Keep a Hard Drive Spinning with FCP

Ingeniously simple idea for stopping drives from spinning down in FCP 7 and presumably Adobe Premiere.

Avid respond to some plug-in feature omissions in Pro Tools

Candid explanation by an Avid developer about certain feature omissions in the AAX plugin spec.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 30 2013 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - 6-22-13

Tandem GPUs = Faster Pro Rendering... Sometimes

Resolve really flies on a dual-GPU system, which bodes well for the new Mac Pro.

Eight Media Composer Settings You Must Change Today

Useful tips for setting suitable defaults to speed up common tasks.

Encore CS6 & Creative Cloud

Sadly, Adobe killed Encore in the latest version without prior notice, but it is still available as part of the CS6 cloud download.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks boost for post production

There is speculation that OS X 10.9 may introduce Thunderbolt as a networking protocol.

Audio for Video: 5 EQ Tips for Filmmakers

Useful tips for improving your audio.

Pro Tools 11 brings great new features for post sound

Summary of some of the post sound-related features in Pro Tools 11.

AAPLJ90,1 vs Mac Pro (Mid 2012)

Rumored comparison benchmark between 2012 Mac Pro and 2013 model.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Jun 23 2013 to Weekend Reads

Weekend Reads - 5-5-13

4 Things You May Not Know About the After Effects Render Queue

Useful tips for speeding up your AE rendering.

Six Questions Apple Needs to Answer in 2013

Six questions for the post-Jobs Apple (#7 should be the future of the Mac and whether Apple has a long-term strategy for courting video pros).

Steven Soderbergh’s State Of Cinema Talk

Steven Soderbergh on the state of cinema.

Danny Boyle Claims 'Pixarification' of Movies is Killing 'Adult Movies'

In a similar vein, Danny Boyle laments the departure of sophisticated writing from cinema to TV.

My biggest concern. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Interesting discussion on the pros and cons of buying vs renting Adobe Creative Suite.

Offline Bounce or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Native Processing

Detailed overview of the new offline bounce function in Pro Tools 11.

Linear Workflow in Cinema4D and After Effects

Brush up on linear processing now that After Effects CS Next integrates with Cinema 4D.

Autodesk Smoke 2013

Extremely detailed review of Smoke 2013.

Posted by Jon Chappell on May 6 2013 to Weekend Reads