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ProLost: The Film Industry is Broken

Stu Maschwitz has a great post over at ProLost about the need for a universal color grading format for sharing data between applications. Kind of like an EDL for color.

He makes a great point and it would be a great asset to the industry but sometimes standardization isn't good. What if the worst package on the market is the one creating the standard, locking out the advantages of its competitors? And with a rigid standard in place, how much room will there be for future innovation?

I don't think any one company should set a standard. It should be the result of a consortium of all the companies (or at least the largest ones) or else an independent third party.

Maybe a standard format isn't the way to go, but Stu is right in saying that something is needed.
Posted by Jon Chappell on Sep 8 2007 to Color Grading, Analysis, Industry