Version: 1.3.8 (changelog)
Size: 20.6 MB
Updated July 2015

"With apps such as Quick Bins, Batch Renamer & Project Overview, I feel like I have an assistant editor living in my dock. I'm starting to forget how I worked without them."
-- Craig Bergonzoni.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X 10.6-10.10
  • Adobe Premiere Pro CS5-CC 2015
  • or Avid Media Composer 5.0-8.x
  • or Final Cut Pro X
  • or Final Cut Pro 6.0.2-7.x

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Auto Transfer

  • Transfers camera memory cards to your hard disk
  • Copied files are verified to ensure integrity
  • Verification types include MD5 and SHA1
  • If any files fail verification, they can be individually recopied
  • Auto Mode automatically starts transferring a recognized drive once it is inserted
  • Auto Transfer can manually copy any drive but only drives it recognizes as media volumes will transfer automatically
  • Supported card types for Auto Mode are P2, RED, ARRI Alexa, Canon EOS series (5D/7D/1D), XDCAM, XDCAM EX and AVCHD.
  • Can also transfer and verify folders from your hard disk
  • Can copy to multiple destinations at once
  • Destinations can be easily enabled and disabled
  • Performs actions upon successful transfer including importing QuickTime movies into a Final Cut Pro project, showing a Growl notification, playing a sound, showing the copied files in the Finder and more
  • Can eject and erase volumes
  • Volumes can be ignored to prevent them from displaying in the list and transferring in Auto Mode
  • Tag volumes with metadata
  • Metadata can be used to make up the destination path (e.g. automatically putting media from Camera A in one folder and Camera B in another)
  • Metadata can be added to a spreadsheet inside the project directory
  • Optionally it can transfer only QuickTime movies if they exist on a volume. If no QuickTime movies exist, the entire volume is copied

Batch Renamer

  • Renames multiple files simultaneously
  • Detects frame gaps in image sequences
  • Can Find and Replace text in filenames including regular expressions
  • Image sequence options include offsetting frame numbers, closing gaps, padding, reversing and reordering
  • Prefixes and suffixes can be added to text
  • Non-alphanumeric characters can be stripped
  • Various capitalization options
  • Several options for managing file conflicts: move existing file to a separate folder (default), rename existing file, send existing file to trash or skip file

Edit Detector

  • Scans video files to locate where edits and scene changes occur
  • Edit points are shown in a list along with their thumbnails
  • The sensitivity can be readjusted to produce different results without needing to rescan
  • Edit points can be manually added, removed and adjusted
  • Results can be exported to self-contained or reference QuickTime movies for each shot, markers in FCP XML format (allowing you to easily create subclips), EDLs, Final Cut Pro marker lists, Avid locator lists and more

Gamma Shift Detector

  • Detects gamma shifts between source and destination media
  • Checks to see if the shift is occurring within the pixels of the movie or its metadata
  • If the gamma shift is occurring in metadata, Gamma Shift Detector can sync metadata from the source movie to the destination
  • If the shift occurs within the pixels, it will tell you the difference to allow you to compensate for it in your compositing application or NLE

Post Haste

  • Create customized folder structures for each project
  • Modify the included templates or create your own from scratch
  • Setup filename parameters such as project name, client and date to enforce a common naming convention
  • Use folder breaks to create a folder hierarchy from your parameters
  • Built-in template editor includes several blank project files for common applications

Project Overview

  • Shows all media in a Final Cut Pro project or XML file, including how many times a particular clip has been used
  • Graphs show how much space the media files are taking up on your media drive
  • Effects and filters can be batch enabled, disabled or removed
  • Marker information can be batch edited including colors and comments
  • Markers can be offset by a certain number of frames
  • Color label presets can be used to assign meaning to each color, such as "Needs VFX" for green markers
  • Custom fields can be added to tag markers with your own custom data
  • Markers can be imported from Final Cut Pro marker lists and Avid locator lists. This is our preferred method of importing files from Cut Notes
  • Markers can be exported to Final Cut Pro marker lists or Avid locator files
  • All information within Project Overview is printable

QT Edit

  • Edits the structure of QuickTime movies
  • Can add and remove tracks including timecode and text tracks
  • Can import data from THM files to allow you to tag DSLR clips (e.g. from the Canon 5D) with time-of-day timecode
  • Movie files can be instantly conformed to different frame rates
  • Chapters can be added, edited, removed and imported and exported from other movies, Final Cut Pro marker lists, Final Cut Pro X XML projects, Avid locator lists and DVD Studio Pro chapter lists
  • Metadata can be added, edited, removed and imported and exported from other movies, CSV and text files
  • Encoding Attributes allow you to correct any encoding flags that may have been incorrectly assigned by other applications. Some applications do not set these correctly (e.g. setting the interlaced flag when a movie is progressive) and this can cause visual artifacts
  • Movies can be transcoded to other codecs
  • Batch processing support

Quick Bins

  • Automatically organizes media into bins or can generate empty bins
  • A Bin Range is a range of empty bins numbered in ascending order. This could be used to quickly create bins numbered 1-100 for each scene in a movie, for instance.
  • Smart Bins automatically organize media into the bin based on criteria such as clip name, reel, scene, file type, etc. This is similar to Smart Playlists in iTunes.
  • A Smart Range automatically creates a bin for each variation in the criteria you specify. For instance, if you specified Scene as the criteria, it would automatically create a new bin for each scene in the movie and would place all clips from that scene inside, organizing your entire project in seconds.

Render Watcher

  • Watches a set of directories, render files or Compressor batches and notifies you when they are complete
  • Notification options include Growl alerts, sound effects, email, text messages and more
  • Can be set to sleep, log out or shut down the computer when all renders are finished
  • Supports Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, Adobe Premiere Pro, Compressor and Adobe Media Encoder

Timeline Tricks

  • Performs cleanup tasks on Final Cut Pro, FCPX and Adobe Premiere sequences
  • Final Cut Pro X is limited to removing filters and markers
  • Can replace gaps with slugs
  • Can collapse multiclips
  • Can collapse video layers
  • Can remove unused video tracks
  • Can remove disabled audio and video clips
  • Can remove all filters
  • Can remove all markers

Video Check

  • Scans a video file for illegal luminance values, flash frames and audio peaks and shows the exact frame where errors are occurring
  • Support for detecting long frames (dropped frames)
  • Support for checking if a video begins at a certain timecode
  • 10-bit support available on Lion and above
  • Minimum black and maximum white thresholds can be adjusted
  • Sort, filter and color code the results
  • Can output results to FCP marker lists, Avid locators, CSV and text