Version: 2.3.2 (changelog)
Size: 2.7 MB

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"This just saved my life...and quite possibly my job! AMAZING. Thank you, thank you, thank you for developing that wonderful Compressor Repair."

System Requirements

  • Intel processor
  • Mac OS X 10.6-10.10
  • Compressor 3 or higher


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Compressor Repair checks for problems that could be preventing Compressor from operating correctly. It checks for missing files, incorrect permissions, an invalid hostname, and attempts to manually start the qmasterd process.

Apple's Compressor relies heavily on the Qmaster service in order to work. Qmaster allows you to split rendering tasks across multiple machines in a render farm but it is still required even if you are only rendering on a single computer.

The link between the two is so important that if the Qmaster service fails to launch, Compressor will be unable to submit batches.

For comprehensive maintenance and troubleshooting of your editing system, download Pro Maintenance Tools.

What it does

  • Checks for missing Qmaster files.
  • Checks for incorrect permissions and fixes them.
  • Resets Qmaster.
  • Clears caches.
  • Clears the queue and history.
  • Manually launches qmasterd.
  • Checks for invalid hostnames.
  • Relaunches Qmaster menu bar icon.
  • Re-enables Qmaster startup item if previously disabled by user.
  • Checks for missing local hostname and computer name.
  • Trashes Compressor preferences (optional).