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Weekend Reads - 10-20-13

Do you really need to buy Compressor when you can export from Final Cut Pro X?

FCP 7's export functions were traditionally poor and FCPX's are much better, but here's why you still need Compressor.

Prepare a Mac for OS X Mavericks the Right Way

Mavericks will be out soon. Here's how to prepare for it, although you probably don't want to upgrade your production machines on day one.

RED editing? Dedicated controllers? Could this be a tablet that professionals can use?

The Microsoft Surface 2 tablet looks interesting as a potential post production tool.

Some Power Titling Tips in Premiere Pro

Very useful tips for dealing with titles in Premiere Pro CC.

5 QuickTime Player Secrets

Power tips for playing video in QuickTime Player X.

Where did the light go in the waveform monitor?

FCP 7's waveform brightness function may help you to see hot spots that don't show up under the default settings.

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Weekend Reads - 6-30-13

Avid Media Composer 7 ships - here's 25 new features

Scott Simmons gives a summary of several new features in MC7.

MC 7 is out! What Avid won't tell you about Spanned Markers

There are still some kinks in the new Spanned Markers feature. (Btw, we're glad Avid introduced them because we can now do some great stuff with Kollaborate.)

A Simple Way to Keep a Hard Drive Spinning with FCP

Ingeniously simple idea for stopping drives from spinning down in FCP 7 and presumably Adobe Premiere.

Avid respond to some plug-in feature omissions in Pro Tools

Candid explanation by an Avid developer about certain feature omissions in the AAX plugin spec.

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Weekend Reads - 6-22-13

Tandem GPUs = Faster Pro Rendering... Sometimes

Resolve really flies on a dual-GPU system, which bodes well for the new Mac Pro.

Eight Media Composer Settings You Must Change Today

Useful tips for setting suitable defaults to speed up common tasks.

Encore CS6 & Creative Cloud

Sadly, Adobe killed Encore in the latest version without prior notice, but it is still available as part of the CS6 cloud download.

OS X 10.9 Mavericks boost for post production

There is speculation that OS X 10.9 may introduce Thunderbolt as a networking protocol.

Audio for Video: 5 EQ Tips for Filmmakers

Useful tips for improving your audio.

Pro Tools 11 brings great new features for post sound

Summary of some of the post sound-related features in Pro Tools 11.

AAPLJ90,1 vs Mac Pro (Mid 2012)

Rumored comparison benchmark between 2012 Mac Pro and 2013 model.

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Weekend Reads - 5-5-13

4 Things You May Not Know About the After Effects Render Queue

Useful tips for speeding up your AE rendering.

Six Questions Apple Needs to Answer in 2013

Six questions for the post-Jobs Apple (#7 should be the future of the Mac and whether Apple has a long-term strategy for courting video pros).

Steven Soderbergh’s State Of Cinema Talk

Steven Soderbergh on the state of cinema.

Danny Boyle Claims 'Pixarification' of Movies is Killing 'Adult Movies'

In a similar vein, Danny Boyle laments the departure of sophisticated writing from cinema to TV.

My biggest concern. Does anyone else feel the same way?

Interesting discussion on the pros and cons of buying vs renting Adobe Creative Suite.

Offline Bounce or How I Learned to Stop Worrying & Love Native Processing

Detailed overview of the new offline bounce function in Pro Tools 11.

Linear Workflow in Cinema4D and After Effects

Brush up on linear processing now that After Effects CS Next integrates with Cinema 4D.

Autodesk Smoke 2013

Extremely detailed review of Smoke 2013.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sunday May 5 2013 6:37 PM to Weekend Reads
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Weekend Reads - 4-19-13

Why Apple's secrecy is frustrating Mac Pro customers

This fits in with my own belief that uncertainty about future Mac hardware is a much bigger issue for video pros than FCPX and the demise of FCP 7.

Interesting job posting

Hints of future improvements to audio mixing in FCPX.

Service, Replacement Parts and Support for Active Storage Installations

Vicom Systems is offering service and support for Active Storage customers now that the company has gone out of business.

PREMIERE PRO NEXT - ( Unlike FCPX ...I like it )

Mike Nichols goes through his checklist of CS 6 problems to see what's been improved in CS Next.

Avid announces Avid Media Composer 7 at NAB 2013

Quick overview of the new features in Avid Media Composer 7.

Sorenson Squeeze 9 updates the old encoding standby

Summary of the new features in Squeeze 9.

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Weekend Reads - 2-15-13

Why is the VFX business failing at its moment of greatest success?

Great points from Mark Christiansen on how VFX seems to be a more prominent part of the movie industry than ever, yet several of the major VFX houses are having financial problems.

Premiere Pro CS6 and Mbox 2 Recording

How to setup Premiere CS6 with an Mbox2 for recording audio.

Anyone Fooling Around with Sparse Disc Bundles?

Pros and cons of using Sparse Disk Bundles in Media Composer.

Is there a way to import old User settings in a new user?

Useful tip for importing specific settings from another Avid user profile.

Review: Blu-ray player software for Mac

Reviews of several Mac Blu-ray players. I'm using MacGo and it's working well for me.

Opinions on what NLE to teach on a new BA in Film & Screen Media Production

Long discussion thread about which NLEs to teach to students.

Dear Mr. Hernandez

Open letter to the new Avid CEO. I would also add a more open developer program to encourage plugin development and much better support for tapeless workflows.

New Content Creators Report Results Announced

The most curious part of this is how well FCP 7 fared 18 months after EOL.

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Weekend Reads - 1-27-13

Start your project with post so we don't have to fix it later

I'm a big advocate of planning in advance and Post Haste is a great free tool to help with this.

4K in the Home

The uphill battle TV manufacturers will face to convince people 4K TV is worthwhile.

Shot on What

Useful database of technical details for popular movies.

Welcoming the New Year

Essential online security tips.

Editors choose Dell over Apple Mac Pro

One of the advantages of owning a PC is that you can mix and match components, so I would encourage people considering a Windows machine to build and design their own where possible to fully fit their needs, instead of buying off the shelf.

Mac OS X 10.7 Lion is still available for purchase from Apple

You can still purchase Lion from Apple but it's complicated.

Where to place sound absorbing panels in a studio

Tips for sound-proofing your studio.

Posted by Jon Chappell on Sunday January 27 2013 1:18 PM to Weekend Reads
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Weekend Reads - 1-19-13

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Masterclass in Why HFR fails, and a reaffirmation of what makes cinema magical

This is the most detailed analysis I've read on why high frame rate (HFR) doesn't work for The Hobbit.

Why do we blink more than we need to?

Scientific evidence for Walter Murch's theory about using blinking to mentally separate thoughts.

Trick I Found By Accident

Great trick to make high-speed audio understandable in Premiere Pro.

When to Scale to Frame Size in Premiere Pro CS6

Interesting comparison of Scale to Frame Size in FCP7 and Premiere Pro CS6 and when using it can sometimes degrade the image.

Tip: Multichannel Audio Sequences

Tip for taking the tedium out of mapping audio channels to tracks in FCP 7.

Font Folders

Proposal for better display and organization of fonts in Adobe applications.

Looking ahead to 2013 in post production

Amusing and slightly cynical take on some of the trends in post production.

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Weekend Reads - 12-9-12

Testing the "Pro" in ProRes

Comparison of ProRes files exported from different applications.

TitleExchange Formats (PDF)

Useful list of various title and caption formats.

Mac vs. PC - The Dilemma of a Small, One-Man-Band Production House

FCP 7's demise was a rude awakening for a lot of us not to bet everything on a single company.

MediaStorm Guide to Enhancing Adobe Premiere Pro’s Auto-save Functionality

These are good tips and Pro Versioner is a great compliment on top of that.

PostDontStopDay (Desktop-Backgrounds and whatnot)

Very nice desktop backgrounds for editors.

'The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey': How Is 48 Frames Per Second?

Not exactly a great review of 48 fps in The Hobbit. I'm still going to watch it in 48 fps though, just to see what it's like.

Final Cut Pro X: Use Compressor presets as Share Destinations

How to copy Compressor 3.5 presets to 4.0.

Creative Uses of Reverb

Great tips on how to use reverb creatively.

Top Feature Requests for After Effects in 2012

Lots of great requests here. I never use the Raytracer because it disables so many other features, so improving this would be good too.

OT: wondering about longterm archiving

Great discussion about archival formats.

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Weekend Reads - 12-2-12

Quick Avid Tip: Display your UNC File Path in the bin!

Trick for overcoming Avid's inability to display a UNC path in projects that are not 24p.

IRE and Voltage

Useful information about PAL voltage levels vs NTSC IRE.

Geometry Pane

What the different options in Compressor's Geometry pane do.

Radeon HD 7000 series support in 10.8.3 beta points to new Mac Pro

There are many speculative posts around the web on the demise or resurgence of the Mac Pro. This one falls into the resurgence category.

Black Magic Cinema Camera SSD to the Mac

First impressions of the Black Magic Cinema Camera and how to connect it to your Mac.

Adobe Premiere Pro Quick Tip – 2 Methods for Dealing with Audio

How to put stereo audio on two tracks like FCP 7 and how to fill left or right to create stereo audio from a single channel.

Exporting Multichannel Quicktimes in Premiere Pro

How to export multichannel QTs is not obvious and I got bitten the first time I needed to do it, so bookmark this for future reference.

5 Tools for Cleaning Up Audio in Adobe Audition

Great tips for cleaning up your audio.

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